Sep 26th, 2018 | Category: Contests

FUNDRAISING ENDS TONIGHT, Wednesday, September 26, at 11:59 PM for the TOP 10 to join Laurie for lunch and the TOP 30 to attend an amazing 2nd clinic with Laurie!

PLUS: The TOP 2 fundraisers today, Wednesday, September 26 join the Laurie Hernandez Coloring Club! Spend 10 minutes chatting and coloring with Laurie!

Thank you for fundraising for Giving Wings.

Giving Wings is a NEW Sioux Falls Non-Profit helping kids in the foster system by providing them the opportunity to participate in sports or the arts.

*Please note that donations may take several minutes to post. If you’re donating for a contest, top 10 or top 30 spot don’t wait until the last minute! The contest tracker automatically stops taking contest donations at 11:59:59 pm. Donations received after the deadline will be credited to the fundraiser’s account but not to the contest.

  • Izzy Reiners: $353.00
  • Bella Nelson: $112.00
  • Kassandra Lias: $60.00
  • Taryn Whiting: $50.00
  • Hadleigh Mathis: $50.00
  • Taneal Whiting: $25.00
  • Alivia Gruenig: $25.00
  • Charlotte Eich: $10.00

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